Welcome to Milonga Nueeeeeeeeeva!

Please join us every month for a uniquely fun night of dancing!
How do we keep it so fresh, so egg-cellent!?:

• We feature only the best DJs, both local and from afar!
• We dance Chacarera at every milonga
• We have a Community Tanda to help you meet new dancers
• We play traditional music and often one alternative tanda per night
• We periodically host performances and classes/workshops
• We encourage festive dress – be expressive!

When: Every 1st Saturday of the month

Where: Dance Union
16 Bow St., Somerville, MA 02143
Parking: On-street or in the lot on Warren Ave.

Hours 9:00pm-1:30am-ish

Admission: $15 General, $10 Full-Time Students

• If you don’t know Chacarera or need to brush up – don’t despair!
We periodically have a Chacarera class before the milonga.
• If you promise to mind the line of dance and generally practice
good milonga etiquette, we promise short announcements and
great food! =)
• Please feel free to bring flyers to leave around the tables in the
room to promote other tango events in the community.


Your humble hosts,
Milton and Corin